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Have you ever heard of Tensegrity??

Tensegrity is a term used to describe systems or structures with “tensional integrity". In other words, they have a balance of compression and tension. This concept can be applied to our bodies, our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, and how we move through daily life. 


Incorporating this understanding into your movement practice will help to rehydrate, tone, and strengthen our fascia and other tissues. It can also help to break down adhesions and bring more functionality and flexibility to the body’s connective tissue system. It brings awareness into the deep fascial layers of the body; to understand our unique holding patterns and help us let go to create more ease, space and freedom in our bodies and minds.

How about Strength? Where does this come in?

Fascia connects everything together on our insides! A movement in one area of the body can be felt and can affect a completely different area. Fascia helps us sense our body’s movement. When we add loads (ie - lift weight or hold yoga poses isometrically) our fascia responds, making us stronger, healthier, and giving us energy!


We can strengthen our fascia by adding resistance to exercises and yoga poses. When fascia is repeatedly lengthened under resistance, it will adapt by creating more collagen and elastin so that it becomes capable of withstanding greater forces.


Let's explore how we can move with intention, integrity, and strength so we can move better, feel incredible, and thrive!

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