The BEST Solution For Tight Hip Flexors!

I think we can all agree that most of us feel like our hip flexors are "tight". But is heading into a big lunge-y type stretch actually the way to go?? My vote is NO. 

When you push your hips forward in a low lunge hip stretch, you're actually not in an optimal alignment to effectively release anything. Maybe you FEEL a "stretch" but that doesn't mean it's an effective strategy. You're actually pushing your femur bone more forward and encouraging an aggressive anterior pelvic tilt. This can create MORE hip pain in the long run. NOT what we want. To remedy this you can modify the exercise to find a neutral pelvis and an upright position so the hip is stacked over your knee and the glute is active. Glide the hips forward ever so slightly while maintaining the neutral pelvis, and hold there. See the pics below to understand what I'm talking about. 

Better yet, take a look at my latest Youtube video on my absolute FAV way to release the Psoas (aka Hip Flexor). This is, in my opinion, better than stretching because it's less aggressive and actually helps the muscle to calm down and release. With the use of our breath and position we can see a huge amount of tension release with this exercise. Give it a try and let me know what you think! 

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