Have You Tried This Trick?...One Simple Way to Avoid Workout Boredom!

I am the worst at sticking with things long term, LOL. From diets, to books, to shampoos, and toothpaste. EVEN if I love a product, I always chose something different when I run out of it, OR I don't stick with it long enough to even finish! I don't know why, but I have this annoying habit of getting bored with things really fast! Even if I enjoy something, I always wonder if there might be something just a little bit better out there. Unfortunately this little habit used to creep into my workouts as well. I had a really hard time staying consistent with anything! That is until I discovered a little thing called VARIETY! We know that working out consistently brings us results right? But do we have to do the SAME things over and over again?? Uh...NO!

There comes a time when that shiny new program you had begins to lose its luster. At first you couldn't wait to workout, that circuit of 4-5 exercises was exciting, it provided a challenge, and you felt good afterwards. can fly through it, it's easy to skip a day because you're not as pumped about it anymore, and you start to question whether this program is really working or not. I mean, how many more squats can a girl do??? You're BOOOORRRREEEEDDDDD!!

If you keep going like this you'll probably quit! Unless....there was another way....

This is where variety comes in! It's not the workout that's the problem, it's not the specific exercises you're doing, it's HOW you're doing them.

When it comes down to it, most workouts end up being very similar. Buying another program might help your problem temporarily, but you'll just end up bored again at some point. What if you simply changed the structure of the exercises you're already doing?? If you took the same program and changed the reps, sets, order, intensity, time, etc you could have yourself a brand new program again! You'll avoid the boredom, the cost of buying yet another program, and most importantly, the treaded plateau!

Let's take the squat for example. There are SO many ways to change up a typical squat. You'll never be bored again!

  1. Pause reps - lower down into your squat, pause at the bottom for a set amount of time (2-10 seconds for example) and come back up.

  2. 1.5 reps - Lower into your squat, come half way up, lower back down, then come all the way up. That's one full rep.

  3. Transverse plane - stand with feet shoulder distance apart, keep the right foot where it is and turn your body to the left, squat on a diagonal, then come back to centre. Repeat all reps on one side then switch to the other.

  4. Single leg - Use a chair for support if needed. Sit down and have your leg at about 90 degrees, lift the left leg and stand up with just the right. Control your descent all the way back down to the chair. Repeat.

  5. Pulses - Lower down into your squat, stay there and pulse up and down for desired reps, come back up and repeat.

  6. Jumping - lower into your squat with the arms in front of you. Drive up through the feet as the arms come down and back. Propel your self upwards and off the ground. Control the landing and shift the hips back into the squat position. Repeat.

  7. Eccentrics - this is the lowering phase of the squat. Slow this down to a desired count. For example lower down for 5 seconds, then take 1 second to come back up. Repeat.

These are but a few ways to make that boring squat more exciting and challenging again! You can do all of these with just your bodyweight, or add a dumbbell or kettlebell for increased resistance.

Check out my YouTube Video for a visual of all the above options!

Still not feeling the workout love? Trying a live class with me, or getting a program designed specifically for you might be just the thing! As a trainer, it's my job to make sure my clients never get bored and are continuously challenged so they can see results and stay consistent! As a habitual 'changer of routine', I 100% get what it's like to feel bored with your workout program. That's why I'm always brainstorming fun ways to take the typical, to the exceptional!

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