Are You Functionally Fit??

Functional Fitness has become a bit of a trendy term over the last few years. Hashtags such as #functionaltraining or #functionalfitness have millions of posts. But what does it actually mean??

Basically, 'Functional Fitness' is a term used to describe exercises that mimic, or are similar in action, to those activities we do in daily life. For most people that means getting up and down from a chair, kneeling down and standing up, reaching for something high in a cupboard, carrying heavy bags of groceries, picking up children, gardening, walking, getting dressed, cleaning your house, etc. Can you do all of those things with a fair amount of ease? The reality is many people can't! Just think about it for a moment before you say yes. Do you have to push yourself out of your chair by holding onto the table, the chair arms, or using momentum? Do you wince every time you drop something knowing that it's a struggle for you to get down on your knees to pick it up? Do you circle the parking lot 10 times to find a close spot because walking hurts or tires you out? Do you have to ask for help to carry things, reach for things, or move things that aren't overly heavy? 

If you answered yes to any of these things, you may want to have a look at your fitness routine. Is it contributing to your overall functionality or just your aesthetics? There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good too, but don't you want to look good and MOVE WELL? The good news is that you can!  I always consider the importance of function when creating programs and workouts for my clients. I work mainly with women who are 40+ and there is SO much to consider when it comes to the proper functioning of the aging female body. This is why I always educate my clients on proper movement mechanics. They not only get a workout to make them look good, but more importantly, they'll be able to function and move better! And as the coach (in my opinion), that trumps aesthetics any day! Here's a few things you'll see in my online coaching and membership programs:

  • joint friendly movement

  • full range of motion exercises

  • complete warm up and cool down

  • pelvic floor friendly exercise

  • effective cueing for proper form

  • random soap box rants, tangents and lectures on the importance of the deep core, the hip hinge, shoulder health, and more! (my clients love it....I think, LOL!)

If this resonates with you and you want to improve your Functional Fitness but aren't sure where to start, let's chat! We can start with a FREE 30 min Core & Posture Assessment and go from there.  Also, make sure to checkout my latest Youtube video below about one of my FAV functional moves that I love to throw into my yoga and kettlebell classes! It's a good-er!

In Wellness, Krista

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