A Program For Female Hikers/Cyclists
(or those that aspire to be)

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Did you know that just hiking or biking MORE, doesn't always mean you'll get better at those things?? I know it sounds counterintuitive, but there's a better way to put one foot in front of the other.

Join the Kettlebell Strength Series and let's get FIT FOR THE OUTDOORS!!


Have you considered how your fitness routine might help (or actually hinder) your outdoor adventures?

Interested in improving your strength, endurance, and flexibility to optimize your outdoor experience?


Ready to hit the trails or the road and feel confident that you can make it to the END?

Worried about injuring yourself or irritating your existing joint pain?

Not sure if you're "fit enough" to go the distance?

Wondering what you need to eat to see the best results?

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The Kettlebell Strength Series is designed to help you improve your fitness so you can get outside and crush those goals!


Whether you’re new to outdoor adventures or a seasoned hiker/biker, we’ve got your fitness covered in this

6-week Kettlebell Strength Series.

In the Kettlebell Strength Series we focus on full body strength including the Legs, Glutes, Core, Back, Shoulders, and even the Feet! The ultimate goal is to help you walk better, hike steeper, or bike faster! Let us help you overcome the ups and downs of the great outdoors!


All of the classes are whole body focused with an emphasis on:

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So many women struggle with back pain and shoulder problems. Kettlebells are extremely effective at improving the stability and strength of these areas. We tend to forget about our upper body when we're focused on something like hiking or cycling, but the upper body plays a huge role in posture and movement efficiency. Everything is connected! 


Obviously our lower body is the prime mover for most outdoor activities. Building up strength in your leg muscles and glutes helps to protect your knees, propels you forward, and helps your body navigate uneven terrain or push you to the top of that hill. This is why you want exercises that will activate all the different muscles in your lower body. In this program, we target the front, back, inside, and outside muscles of your legs, PLUS we love to focus on that booty burn too!


Core strength is essential for carrying those heavy backpacks often required for longer hikes or to maintain a strong posture throughout your activity. Kettlebells are very effective at building 360 degree core strength! It's not just about those crunches, but more about how well you can breath, stabilize, and move in all directions effectively. 


Treat your body as an important piece of fitness equipment – one that needs regular maintenance. The Kettlebell Strength Series will provide you with the essential tools to optimize your outdoor experiences on easy to more advanced adventures. By doing more of your chosen sport, you do not always get more efficient at it. Therefore, in The Kettlebell Strength Series, we break down the movements that are functional and relatable to most outdoor activities. You have the opportunity to figure out your body’s imbalances, weaknesses, and compensation patterns (“cheats”), so you can have a body that serves you as a vehicle for your most optimal outdoor adventures! 


"Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude"
~ Michelle Obama

Krista is a Certified Strength Coach who has a passion for helping women find the courage to challenge themselves and reach their personal goals. 

She is an avid cyclist and hiker who loves to find new ways to push past her boundaries. Krista was not born a natural athlete, in fact she hated most activities, failed high school gym (twice), and would rather sit around and read a good book. But after discovering weight training and what it did for her confidence levels, she was hooked. It completely changed her mindset and gave her the strength to do things she never thought possible. 


Krista is trained in Kettlebells, Yoga, Pelvic Floor/Core Strength, and takes a more Functional approach to Fitness that is specifically geared towards women. 






How much does the program cost?

6 Week Program is $200 CAD

What does it include?

2 x 60 min classes every week (Tues at 9am PST & Sat at 8am PST via Zoom)

Access to the recording for 1 week after the scheduled class (so don't worry if you can't make it live!)

BONUS recorded Yoga Videos - so you can improve your flexibility and mobility

Nutrition info, so that you can achieve the BEST results!

Accountability, Motivation, & Ongoing Support

Facebook Group

When does it start?

The most current 2021 series runs from Sept 14 - Oct 23 & Nov 2 - Dec 11

If it's not for me, can I get a refund?

Yes, if you're unsatisfied, please reach out and we'd be happy to assist you with a full refund within 14 days of the start date. 

What if I can't join live?

There will be replays available for ONE FULL WEEK after the scheduled class, so you have plenty of time to watch and catch up! (no downloads available)

I'm just a beginner and haven't done much hiking or biking, is this program ok for me?

YES! This program is actually geared towards the beginner to intermediate level, so it's perfect for you. Experienced hikers/cyclists are also welcome, but we have a specific focus on the average outdoor enthusiast.

Do I need any special equipment for the classes?

You will definitely need kettlebells! I recommend one light and one heavier kettlebell to start with. (dumbbells can be used for some things but are NOT interchangeable for many exercises) You may also need a pilates squishy ball or yoga block, a yoga mat, long resistance bands and mini loop bands, a chair/stool, and access to a wall.

I'm new to strength training, is this program safe for me?

YES! Absolutely, there will always be options and/or substitutions available, it is perfect for ANY level of experience.