Can I get a refund?

If you are unhappy with the Membership, you can absolutely cancel on your own at ANY time! 

Is this membership right for me?

It is suitable for women who are in generally good health with no serious health complications. You must be able to move around fairly easily and be able to get up and down. The Membership is perfect for those that have more experience and/or have taken the Foundations program FIRST.

What makes this program any different from others?

This is not just a 'download and follow along' type program. These are live classes/recordings with active engagement and participation. You'll be coached and encouraged the entire time, held accountable, instilled with motivation and equipped with how-to's and so much more!

When are the live classes?

The schedule sometimes fluctuate, but generally:

Monday 9am PST

Wed 9am PST

Fri 9am PST

I can't make the live classes, is it still worth it?

Absolutely! All the live classes are recorded and available to do afterwards. PLUS, in the Membership there is a large library of On Demand classes to choose from that will support you throughout the program.

I've never used a kettlebell or done much yoga before, do I need to have experience?

If you have no experience then you need to start with the Foundations Program to get you going. If you do have previous kettlebell/weight lifting and yoga experience, you can jump into the Membership no problem. 

What equipment do I need?

We consistently use: kettlebells, yoga mat, yoga blocks, resistance bands (both long and mini loop bands), stability ball, and sometimes dumbbells.