Home Workouts For 40 Plus Women Who

Are Ready To Commit & Get Fit!


Getting Fit + Strong on Your Own is HARD!

Is getting to a gym and hiring a trainer not accessible to you right now?


Feel intimidated and have NO idea where to even start?

Wondering how to make sure you're doing things correctly and safely?


Worried about injuring yourself or irritating your existing joint pain?

Confused about what type of equipment you need to successfully workout from home?

Sick of only focusing on weight loss as a primary goal? Want MORE from your movement practice?

If You Said YES to ANY of the above then KB Strength + Wellness Membership is for you!


KB Strength + Wellness Membership is a resource for 40 Plus Women to get Fit & Strong, 

and have the convenience of doing it from home! 

With 3 LIVE classes each week and a large library of ON DEMAND videos, all you have to do is show up and press play!

You'll Get:

  • Kettlebell Workouts

  • Yoga Flows

  • Band & Bodyweight Classes

  • Core + Pelvic Floor Strength

  • Joint Friendly Cardio

  • Exercise Tutorials

  • Educational Webinars

  • and SO much more!

"I am really enjoying your membership site. Since I am working and cannot do the live classes, I am finding this a perfect fit."

- Theresa


"Your detailed instruction and correct prompting is so great.  I am very grateful for your membership and all the work you do designing the workouts."

- Caroline

"I'm finding these home workouts way more time and cost effective than physically going to the gym...I'm coming out of this quarantine more in shape then when this all started."

- Kayla


Sign Up and Join Us LIVE Online!


Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, there is NO obligation to stay and NO minimum amount of time to subscribe. 

Can I get a refund?

NO, I cannot give refunds for any unused monthly portions of the membership, however you are free to cancel at ANY time.

Is this membership right for me?

This membership is suitable for women who are in generally good health with no serious health complications. You must be able to move around fairly easily and be able to get up and down. This membership IS perfect for you even if you have non complicated joint pain, or have never lifted weights before. 

But I can't make the live classes, is it still worth it?

Absolutely! All the live classes are recorded and available to watch for one full week afterwards. PLUS there is a large library of On Demand classes to choose from!

I've never used a kettlebell before, do you have to have experience?

NO, there are many levels of women who join the membership, including those who have never worked with kettlebells. I always give plenty of options to start you out safely and confidently. 

What other equipment do I need?

We consistently use: resistance bands (both long and mini loop bands), stability ball, kettlebells, yoga mat, yoga blocks, and sometimes dumbbells. 

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