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Weight Lifting, Kettlebell Training, Yoga, Mobility, Pre/Post Natal Strength

If you’re a woman looking to get fit during any stage of life, you're in the right place! Learn weight lifting skills, corrective exercises, yoga, mobility, and everything in between. I help women gain confidence and strength by incorporating kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bands, and of course, your own body! If your goal is to get strong and healthy, I can help you get there! I believe in a balanced and intuitive approach to fitness. There is no "one size fits all" approach here. Nor is one week identical to the next. Women go through a changing cycle every month, and so too should the way you exercise. 


Find the experience that suits your needs!

I offer a Sliding Scale Option for Personal Training because I believe that physical fitness should be accessible to more people. Please contact me if the pricing options are not available to you and I'd be happy to work something out. 

**Sessions can be done in person OR through Zoom**

1 Session/Week

A great place to start if you're looking for 1 session per week and are testing the waters before jumping into anything bigger. This pkg is just the right amount of time to see how things feel for you. If you're comfortable with exercising on your own and you only need a small amount of guidance each week, this is also a great option!

2 Sessions/Week

The middle of the road option: If you're ready to workout twice a week and want some extra support, this is the package for you! Gain a good understanding for what to incorporate into your week to get the most out of your movement practice and begin to see some great results. 

3 Sessions/Week

If you're ready for 3 training sessions a week and are fully committed to taking your fitness to the next level, this is your package! We will dive into movement imbalances, mobility fixes, and supportive workouts during your time outside of our sessions. Anything you may need for a full holistic training experience!

Small Group Training

Why workout alone when you can enjoy the motivation of others?!

Can be done in person or on Zoom!

2 Person - $25 each

3 Person - $20 each

4 Person - $15 each

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