Learn how to workout effectively and safely from home with kettlebells and yoga! A program for 40+ women who are new to exercise.



Interested in home workouts? Who isn't!
Sweating in your living room has become the new trend, and for good reason!


  • It's convenient

  • It doesn't require you to wear a mask

  • There's no driving involved

  • And you have the option of doing it in your PJs!

But...maybe you're not sure how this Zoom thing works. What if you don't know how to use kettlebells correctly, or done a Sun Salutation?...Is it even safe??

I hear you! That's why I created the Fit From Home Foundations Program!


You'll get the most out of your home workouts, learn the foundations of kettlebell exercises, and master basic yoga postures. You'll be coached on how to perform them correctly, safely, and effectively to see the best results!

Because it is built in a progressive manner, with plenty of tutorials and support along the way, even those who have little to no experience will benefit greatly!

With expert coaching you will learn how to:

  • properly use kettlebells

  • practice basic yoga postures

  • strengthen your core

  • and improve your flexibility


With a focus on strength and flexibility, you'll gain the benefits of moving better in your daily life and outdoor activities too!

What's Included?

  • 6 week progressive workout program - teaching core strength, foundational kettlebell exercises such as the deadlift, swing, Turkish Get Up, and more!

  • 1 live zoom class per week

  • Q&A sessions to ask questions and receive feedback 

  • Private Facebook Group for accountability, support, and encouragement!

  • Recorded video tutorials including: kettlebell exercises, yoga postures, plus core and pelvic floor information

  • BONUS: recorded yoga classes to increase flexibility


Cost: $200 for 6 week program

Next Start Date: May 7 - Live Class on Zoom every Friday at 9am PST

Join the Fit From Home Foundations Program so that you can develop a solid understanding of how to use kettlebells correctly for the most effective workout possible. Not only will you improve your kettlebell skills, you'll also learn basic yoga poses, bodyweight exercises, and effective core strengthening tools as well!

This program offers expert coaching at a fraction of the price! It's like having your own personal trainer in the comfort of your home! 


I feel some muscles building and it feels great! I really like the 3 class schedule and the variety. Ending the week with some much needed muscle release for the last part of yoga class. Happy customer!

- Happy Client

Krista offers great workout sessions, makes it easy to keep up strength training without leaving the house.

-Happy Client

I am making progress in strength, range of motion and balance. I always look forward to the classes as I am doing more in our time together than what I would be doing by myself. I love using weights.

- Happy Client