A Program for Women Over 40 who love to Hike and Walk in the great outdoors!



Did you know that hiking MORE, doesn't always mean you'll get better at hiking?? I know it sounds counterintuitive, but there's a better way to put one foot in front of the other.

Join us in our 6-week program and let's get FIT FOR HIKING!!


Is your fitness routine helping or hindering your hiking potential?

Interested in improving your strength, endurance, and flexibility to optimize your hiking experience with an aging body?


Ready to hit the trail and feel confident that you can make it to the TOP?

Worried about injuring yourself or irritating your existing joint pain?

Interested in hiking, but scared that you're not strong enough to climb those hills?

Let Us Help YOU Make it to the TOP!!


Whether you’re new to hiking, a regular hiker, or looking to build up your endurance for longer hikes, we’ve got your fitness covered in our 6-week Fit For Hiking Online Program.

In our Fit For Hiking Program we focus on the Feet, Legs, Glutes, Core and Lungs that help you walk better and hike for longer! Let us help you overcome the ups and downs of those trails!


All of our classes are whole body focused with an emphasis on:


When you consider that two little feet hold up the entire body, it’s no wonder that foot health is essential on the trail! Did you know that what happens in your foot connects right up into your glutes and core??! The feet are essential for better and stronger hiking! We need strong feet for balance, and to increase out ankle strength. 


Who hasn’t felt that burn in their thighs when walking on an incline??! While your feet connect you to the ground, your legs pick up the rest of the work! 

Building up strength in your leg muscles also helps to protect your knees and helps your body navigate uneven terrain on the trail. This is why you want exercises that will activate all the different muscles in your legs, including your butt! In our program, we target the front, back, inside, and outside muscles of your legs. 

We've got you covered!


Not many people realize that in order to have an amazing and strong hiking experience, our pelvis and torso need to rotate properly. Think of it like a movement prerequisite. This rotation will assist in reducing wear and tear on the body. Core and glute strength is also essential for carrying those heavy backpacks often required for longer hikes. We're going to cover all this in the program too!


We all know that experience of hiking uphill and losing our breath right? When we cannot control our breath during our hikes, it is a signal to reassess our fitness routine.

Losing the “huffing and  puffing” is as much about cardio endurance as it is about controlling our breath. We will provide solutions and techniques for better breath control in the program as well!

Treat your body as an important piece of hiking equipment – one that needs regular maintenance. Our Fit For Hiking Program will provide you with the essential tools to optimize your hiking experience on easy to more advanced hiking trails. By hiking more, you do not get more efficient at hiking. Therefore, in our Fit For Hiking Program, we break down the movements and educate to help you figure out your body’s imbalances, weaknesses, and compensation patterns (“cheats”), so you can have a body that serves you as a vehicle for your most optimal hiking experience. 



The FEET Are The Foundation of Our Sole

Julia is a Certified Holistic Fitness Coach, 500hr Yoga Instructor as well as a Core Exercise Specialist for pelvic floor health. She works primarily with middle-aged and older women. Julia was never an athlete, but she LOVES to move and have FUN! She is an avid hiker, walker, and loves to train strong in the gym!


Julia loves to help other women be the best version of themselves by teaching them how to be strong, move well, and developing a self-loving mindset . She is particularly passionate about all things FEET and how they help us on our journey to strength and well being! 





How much does the program cost?

6 Week Program is $200 CAD

What does it include?

6 x 45 min classes PLUS 15 min at the end of each class to ask Coach Julia anything you're not understanding. 

Access to the recording for 1 week after the scheduled class. 

Homework assignments to work on your hiking strength and endurance

Accountability and Motivation!

If it's not for me, can I get a refund?

Yes, if you're unsatisfied, please reach out and we'd be happy to assist you with a full refund within 14 days of the start date. 

What if I can't join live?

There will be replays available for ONE FULL WEEK after the scheduled class, so you have plenty of time to watch and catch up!

I'm just a beginner and haven't done much hiking, is this program ok for me?

YES! This program is actually geared towards beginner to intermediate hikers, so is perfect for you. Experience hikers are also welcome, but we have a specific focus on beginners.

Do I need any special equipment for the classes?

You will need a couple light to medium dumbbells or resistance bands (kettlebells work great too!), a pilates squishy ball or yoga block, a chair, access to a wall, a pair of socks, and a blanket. 

I'm new to strength training, is this program safe for me?

YES! Absolutely, the exercises in this program are foundational and are perfect for ANY level of experience.