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Hi! My name is Krista and I'm the person behind KB Strength + Wellness! I'd say I'm definitely not your average trainer and fitness coach. I mean, when you fail High School gym...twice, you definitely don't grow up thinking you'll end up working in the fitness industry! 

But after dealing with several injuries and pain from "chronic cardio" (you know what I'm talking about ladies!) I realized the benefits that strength training had on my body. Once I learned how to use weights and feel comfortable in a gym, I was hooked! Now I'd be lying if I said it was smooth sailing from there. NO. I still had a rocky relationship with consistency and motivation. My 2 nemeses! It was after I found kettlebells that things really shifted for me. Kettlebell training brought me a level of confidence I didn't know was inside me. As an Introvert, even going to the gym or running outside in public was always a struggle. But there was something about swinging a kettlebell that gave me a sense of power. 

I realized how much I wanted to share this with other women. Women like me, who are not naturally born athletes. Women who would rather curl up with a book or a Netflix binge than head to the gym. Women who don't necessarily want to or can't walk into a weight room or busy fitness class.

I wanted to create a fitness coaching business that served the woman who doesn't want to be yelled at in a Bootcamp class, and who wants to be heard and respected as an individual. I coach woman who want to experience the benefits of exercise beyond just the calories burn. We all want better butts and shapely arms, but why not throw in a healthy dose of confidence, strength, flexibility, empowerment, and a positive mindset too!

With over 2 decades of experience and expertise in the health, wellness, and fitness industry I bring my vast educational background, along with thousands of hours of hands on experience to bring you the best in the industry!

Some of my certifications include:

  • Core Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • ISSA Certified Corrective Exercise Coach

  • ISSA Certified Glute Specialist

  • Girls Gone Strong Level 1 Coach

  • Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor 

  • 200Hr Yoga Teacher - In Balance

  • Bellies Inc - Core Confidence and Pre/Post Natal Fitness Coach

  • 300Hr. Modern Yoga Teacher Certification - Heart + Bones Yoga 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach

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